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Membership websites and digital platforms

Your website is just the start.

Today you need a whole host of digital tools and services to deliver engaging online experiences that drive your membership forward. This is your digital platform.

Digital tools
So many options! Tall Projects works with you to select, integrate and support the right tools for your organisation.

Finding, selecting, integrating and supporting these tools is complex. It requires knowledge, skill and experience to cut through the jargon and deliver real benefits. This is my area of expertise.

I work with clients at all stages of their digital platform management.

Many membership organisations simply do not have the in-house resources to maintain an intense focus on their digital systems and processes. Tall Projects keeps your platform in focus and on track.

I offer on-demand consultancy through to fully-managed digital transformation projects. It’s a bespoke service, so you get precisely what your business needs.

Let’s talk about your project

You’re in safe hands

“Ed project managed the re-development of the Faculty of Law’s website with a high level of expertise, always offering calm reassurance and detailed knowledge at every point in the project.

Once the website was up and running we used Ed’s services again to give us feedback on what we could improve.

He was the only person we would trust to give us the honest response that we needed, and his advice was spot on – insightful, easy to understand and implement. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ed, or use his services again for our next project.” Esme Wilks, Communications Manager, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford

“Ed has been a highly efficient project manager throughout the redevelopment of the University of Oxford website.

His ability to both translate the highly technical aspects of the redevelopment process and understand the university’s business requirements made him a highly effective interface between the client and the supplier. Ed has been extremely reliable and helpful throughout the process, which is invaluable in a large scale project with multiple stakeholders.

Ed was integral to the success of our web redevelopment and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.” Suzi Ardley, Head of Digital Communications, University of Oxford

“Ed provided us with the guidance and support we needed during a complicated multiple-website development project in 2016. His project management skills are excellent, as is his insight on the latest management software tools, processes and technologies. He provided essential support and training to our staff and made sure he was at the end of a phone line or available for meetings when we needed advice or help.”

I would heartily recommend Ed as a project management consultant.
Jude Eades, Head of Communications, Science Oxford / The Oxford Trust

“I have worked with Ed and Tall Projects for several years across a variety of my own and other business interests.

Tall Projects’ scoping documents are concise yet comprehensive, delivery is transparent and organised, communication is clear and in a language that I understand.

Ed can work from ground up or integrate and augment existing processes. He understands businesses and how to operate effectively within them. It is a unique blend of expertise, energy, pragmatism, commerciality and curiosity.

In short Ed has become a trusted partner in my businesses. He understands me and I rely upon him.” Chris Hansen, Owner and Founder, Buy Any Part

“Ed took my project from an idea to a business within weeks.

His meticulous approach to projects along with his business experience and knowledge meant I was catapulted into a functioning, profit making, well managed online business in no time.” Sally Donegan, Founder, Go Girls Gym

“Ed truly is a safe pair of hands – no matter how complex the project, he has a way of bringing clarity and simplicity, always with the client’s best interest at heart.” Kate Bridge, Principal Consultant, The Craft Consulting

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