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How to approach a new membership website project

Websites for associations and membership organisations need to focus on the member experience first. A digital platform separating website content from the membership management system (CRM) is the way forward.

User personas: what they are and how to build them

Understanding the needs of users ensures systems, tools and processes are built to do the right job. Capturing these needs in a standard format – user personas – ensures everyone involved has a shared understanding and provides a real strategic advantage.

What is a digital platform?

Many websites are too complex. They try to provide all the digital tools for a business. This is costly in both financial and UX terms. Instead, you should consider your digital platform.

Agile: so much more than Scrum

Scrum is a very successful agile methodology that’s been used deliver some great projects. But Scrum is just one of many approaches to agile project management.

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