Integration headaches?

Offload the margin-eating integration work. Focus on your creativity.

An attractive new brief lands in your inbox and you’re buzzing with ideas...💡

...but there’s a sting in the tail – integration requirements.

Integrations can’t be ignored or half-baked. They are critical to your client’s success.

We know that integrating websites and apps with CRM systems, member databases etc. is dull, profit-eating hassle for digital agencies. The work is a pain to deliver and a nightmare to maintain.

That’s why Tall Projects provides fully-managed integration services. Think “Zapier on steroids”.

Integration middleware

Typical integration approaches

Most creatives consider the following options when handling integrations:

  • Reluctantly taking on the integration work. It’s not your core competency but is a necessary part of the project. Hours are wasted trying to get it working correctly. Everyone gets frustrated.
  • Outsourcing the technical parts to a competent developer. A sensible option perhaps...if you can find and afford one. But then you have the problem of who will maintain it once they’ve moved on. What happens when the client wants changes or APIs are updated?
  • Passing on the opportunity. You know from bitter experience that technical integrations can easily turn exciting projects into stressful loss-making nightmares.

A better and easier way

Imagine being able to satisfy all the client’s integration requirements without you needing to get involved in the technical details.

Consider the benefits this would unlock:

Higher profits / greater creativity

With the risky and complex parts no longer a problem, you can collect the margins you deserve and/or push the boundaries of your creativity and deliver next level work to the delight of your clients and team.

Happier staff

No one gets lumbered with boring and complex backend integration work.

Better client relationships

More time for work you do best, which in turn delivers better results for your clients.

Competitive advantage

Confidently deliver where your competitors struggle.

Managed integrations from Tall Projects

Leverage our integration expertise. Focus on what you do best.

Our service makes your projects simpler to deliver, easier to maintain and more impactful for the client.

Where do we use this?

Integrations are required whenever data in one system is required in another system.

Scenarios we actively handle include:

  • User registration / login / authorisation
  • Membership joining / renewals
  • Member self-service
  • Online orders
  • Class bookings
  • Donations
  • Lead capture forms
  • Member directories
  • Event ticketing
  • User engagement tracking, e.g. accessing resources, watching videos
  • Automated renewal invoicing

What systems do you integrate with?

Our integration work to date includes connections to:

Restricted area
  • CRM systems
  • Member databases / AMSs
  • Payment processors
  • Accounting apps
  • CMSs – especially WordPress
  • Event ticketing apps
  • Email marketing tools
  • Training management systems
  • Mobile apps

We take a pragmatic view and consider all requirements. We can generally integrate with any system that has an API we can access.

How does it work?

Our proven process starts with understanding the integration requirements along with the broader goals of the project.

We then work with you to consider how best to meet these requirements. Sometimes an off-the-shelf approach is all that’s needed.

Experience shows that off-the-shelf options are often too basic to meet all the needs of the project – or just don’t exist.

This is where our managed integration middleware comes in. We provide a simple REST API for you to build against, removing all the complexity:

Integration middleware diagram

We define the middleware API with you. You get exactly the endpoints you need.

What are intelligent alerts?

Ensuring data quality adds significant client value.

Our integration middleware examines the data being processed for unexpected values and conditions. We send actionable email alerts in plain English for any anomalies detected.

And if we identify a recurring issue we can adapt the integration to automatically correct it.

Isn’t this what Zapier does?

It’s a similar concept but with some crucial advantages.

Our managed integration middleware addresses the shortcomings of no-code tools such as Zapier.

Zapier-like tools listen to an event (e.g. a new order) and add it somewhere else (e.g. as a lead in a CRM or row in a spreadsheet).

But they have their limitations. They’re primarily “one way” taking data from one app and sending it to another.

What if you wanted to check if an email address is already in a CRM as part of a registration/joining process? These tools don’t support query-based scenarios when you need a response to be returned.

Adding data can be problematic too. We often need to “find or create” rather than just “create” to avoid duplicates. This “find or create” part often needs careful logic to maintain data integrity – something that can rarely be achieved in these no-code tools.

You could consider our managed middleware service as “Zapier on steroids”, massively extending your integration capabilities.

How else will this help my business?

  • UX freedom. We provide the integration endpoints you need. No more compromises imposed by inflexible back-office tools.
  • Consultancy from integration experts. Don’t waste time trying to figure everything out yourself. Leverage our experience and focus on what you do best.
  • Fully managed service. We build and actively monitor the integration to ensure everything works as planned. We handle any updates necessary due to changes in APIs. Say goodbye to panic fixes to custom code written by long-departed developers.

Some of our managed integration clients

NWR Scottish Association of Landlords Professional Speaking Association UK Apartment Association Flair Gymnastics Upper Thames Motor Yacht Club

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