Our website still doesn’t talk to our CRM properly.
Our events data isn’t available in our CRM.
Creating membership invoices in Xero is such a pain.
Matching up payments wastes so much time.
It’s impossible to segment our email list.

We fix problems like this

Get all your apps connected

Tall Projects are integration specialists.

Restricted area
+ your critical apps

Complete the puzzle

Off-the-shelf integrations can be a bit basic. (Or just don’t exist).

We fill in the gaps and get your workflows working.

“The vision of how we bring our systems together is the real differentiator we get working with Tall Projects.”

Dave Butler, CEO, UK Apartment Association

Make seamless integration a reality

Accurate and complete data provides huge opportunities.

But getting all your apps working together often seems impossible.

Are you...

  • Playing “whack-a-mole” with app integrations?
  • Constantly fixing bad data?
  • Working with sub-standard data?
  • Maintaining manual spreadsheets as a workaround?

These are expensive activities. They act like a brake on your success.

Release the brakes and unlock your full potential.

Some of our clients

Scottish Association of Landlords Professional Speaking Association Landlord Accreditation Scotland Flair Gymnastics UK Apartment Association National Women's Register Fraud Advisory Panel Sound and Music University of Oxford