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Great choice! Sheep is a superb membership and events database

Edward Kay

Tall Projects is a membership technology consultancy led by Edward Kay.

We help associations facing challenges such as:

Tired, underperforming membership websites
Clunky membership databases / CRM (or still using spreadsheets)
Inadequate online member self-service and personalisation
Critical data stuck in unconnected systems
Insufficient time and expertise to get the most from digital technology
Missed opportunities for membership growth and engagement

Our speciality is small- to medium-sized membership bodies, typically with 3-20 staff.

Sheep is our preferred database system.

Why Sheep?

We’ve experienced many data systems over the years, including the big names. None of these have proved as good as Sheep.

Here’s why Sheep is better:

Cloud native

Sheep has been a cloud-based web app from the outset. Web services have not been bolted on as an afterthought. There are no additional hosting headaches.

Membership and events focus

Sheep focuses on the membership, events and venues sector. It is not trying to be all things to all people. Functionality and improvements are provided with much greater depth and understanding.

Grows with you

There’s a plan to fit whatever your size now. Upgrade (or downgrade) as your needs change.

This is a big money and time saver. No disruptive reimplementation project when you outgrow a basic system. No need to pay for advanced features until you need them.

Integrations that actually work

Integrations with other systems – such as WordPress, Stripe, GoCardless, MailChimp, Eventbrite and Zapier – are critical to modern digital platforms.

The integrations offered by other data systems are often shallow and insufficient. Sheep’s integrations reliably deliver the specific workflows you need.

Fault-tolerant integrations

Critical data – such as payments, orders and bookings – are ‘pulled’ in by Sheep rather than being ‘pushed’ in by the third-party application.

This is an important differentiator: it makes Sheep much more resilient and fault-tolerant than other systems.


Every project is unique and presents new scenarios. Sheep embraces these new use cases. They work collaboratively to deliver the required outcomes, enhancing the system as a whole in the process. This is in stark contrast to the more usual ‘great idea, but no’ response from other providers.

Based in the UK

Our working hours are aligned allowing work to progress much more quickly. We also work in the same regulatory environment. This is important when new legislation such as GDPR comes along.

Sheep + Tall Projects

Managing successful digital projects is hard.

Working with Tall Projects takes away the risk and uncertainty.

A managed Sheep implementation led by Tall Projects is ideal when:

  • You need Sheep integrated with your (new) website
  • You find configuring web applications and integrations challenging
  • You want a single point of contact with responsibility for your full digital platform
  • You simply want to outsource the task so you can focus on what you do best

You’re in safe hands

Tall Projects manages multiple Sheep-powered digital platforms.

Scottish Association of Landlords

Scottish Association of Landlords logo

The Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) came to Tall Projects in 2016 after two other companies were unable to deliver to their requirements.

SAL’s new digital platform is built around Sheep. Sheep provides the membership and event management system, fully integrated with a new WordPress website.

“Ed at Tall Projects is an excellent project manager. We particularly appreciated the way he approached and ran the work on our digital project and kept it on track and on budget.

What stands out for me about Ed and his approach is how he took the time to understand what we needed and how to provide that, where other companies had tried to sell us a product and make our needs fit that.”

Judith Dunn, Director, Scottish Association of Landlords

SAL’s new website is a winner :-)

For the first time I was using the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) website to pay my membership fee.

As a landlord residing outside the UK, payment was always a little challenge - but not this time: It went through like a breeze! The website is clearly organized, easy to handle and the payment process one of the easiest I have ever encountered. Wonderful - thank you!”

Independent member review on Trustpilot

The Professional Speaking Association

Professional Speaking Association logo

The Professional Speaking Association (PSA) independently selected and implemented Sheep.

Staff changes in 2017 created a technical skills gap for the PSA. Tall Projects was the natural partner to address this challenge.

We work alongside the PSA’s management team ensuring their technology keeps pace with this rapidly growing membership organisation.

“Ed has been a tremendous support to our organisation and is clearly an expert in digital tech for membership organisations.

Frankly, until we met Ed, our use of technology was rather limited. Since he started working for us he has transformed our operations and significantly improved our use of technology.

On top of all that, Ed is supportive, friendly and a joy to work with. We are so glad we found him.”

Graham Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Professional Speaking Association

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