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Maximising event bookings with targeted member messaging

The Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) held their annual conference for letting agents last month.

We used targeted website messaging to maximise ticket sales for this important event.

What we did

The SAL website is very popular. Members log in regularly to access their member benefits.

We implemented a prominent website banner to promote The Agency Business conference in the run up to the event:

Targeted member messaging screenshots
The purple footer banner was shown to a specific subset of the SAL audience who were most likely to attend The Agency Business conference


The banner was highly targeted. It was only shown to Council of Letting Agent members who were not already registered for the event.

Members who had already registered or were on a different membership plan did not see the banner.

User friendly

The messaging was clear, to the point and included a single call to action. Clicking the button linked directly to the start of the booking process for the conference.

Closing the banner set a cookie that kept it closed for the duration of their visit.


The banner was automatically disabled as soon as the event started and ticket sales closed.


We used Google Analytics campaign tracking parameters on the link in the banner. This let us measure the number of clicks it generated, and how many of these went on to complete a booking.


43% of all ticket sales to the conference were attributed to the banner in the period it was live.

“My colleagues and directors are SOOO impressed with the banner. Thank you!” Judith Dunn, Director, Scottish Association of Landlords

How it was possible

The logic behind the banner implementation is relatively simple:

Show the banner IF the user is a letting agent member AND the user is not already registered for the event AND the user hasn’t closed the banner AND the event has not started.

The challenge faced by many membership organisations is that one or more of these critical pieces of data is not available on their website. Even if the information is there, their website is often inflexible making innovation like this impossible or too expensive.

SAL are benefiting from the solid foundations provided by a modern membership digital platform.

Their membership and event data are all managed in a single location – Sheep.

Sheep is integrated with their website, providing accurate information in real-time.

And their WordPress website provides the flexibility for developing custom messaging like this in a quick and cost-effective way.

To find out how you can leverage similar benefits for your members, book a free consultation now.